Our Team

FlightCase 2017 consists of two professors and 28 carefully selected Master Students, coming from 3 different masters: Integrated Product design, Strategic product design and Design for Interaction.

The variety in experience and expertise makes this team great at problem solving.


Prof. ir. D.n. Nas (Deborah)

Prof. Nas is professor of Strategic design for technology-based innovation at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. She teaching design thinking to students and bridges the gap between the academic and the business world.  

Besides being a part-time professor at the Delft University of Technology, she is the managing director of strategic innovation agency Sunidee (www.sunidee.com).


Dr. B. Eisenbart

Dr. Eise has a background in engineering with practical applications in complex, interdisciplinary system development. Building on his technical background he has advanced into design and innovation management and strategy. Within FlightCase, he aims to support the students in creating innovative and technically feasible solution.

Lynn Potters | Chairwoman

Lynn has a passion for surprising and clever design that evokes unique user-product interactions. She has a hands-on approach in which prototyping, user testing and presenting are key elements. As chair of the FlightCase committee, it is her role to keep the group focussed, efficient and like-minded. 

Nick Hermes | Secretary

Nick studies Strategic Product Design, which has a focus on the business context of product and service design. He likes to work with complex and dynamic systems, and believes that behind every strong product or service, there is a strong business plan. As secretary, Nick will focus on documentation, structure and communication.

Jozine Bouma | Treasurer

Jozine is studying the master Integrated Product Design. She adds value by gaining customer insights and listening to different stakeholders, that is what drives her. She loves going into the field to get as close to the context as possible. In the FlightCase committee her role is to keep track of the budget.