Working with us, we can offer you multiple benefits ranging from innovative, well thought-through concepts for products or services, to improved user experiences and research on how new technologies and social changes can play a role in the future of your company.

Here a list of examples:

Gain International Knowledge

Business is becoming increasingly global. Nowadays, the possibilities for worldwide commerce are unlimited. Products and services are being sold all around the world, but international knowledge is needed for a business to become globally successful.

Spark Innovation

Every business has to invest in its own future. We have to keep innovating in order to stay ahead of the competition. However, it can be difficult to come up with fresh ideas and innovative solutions without the right people in the right places.

Get Familiar with Design Thinking

‘Design Thinking’ is the term used to describe the way designers analyze and solve problems. Leading businesses around the world are starting to hire designers and use Design Thinking to solve their business problems with out-of -the-box ideas.

Innovative solutions

Flight Case can help your company come up with new solutions and innovations. Our European insights can help you gain a different perspective in a global context. We are trained at delivering innovative solutions, tailor made for your business.

Delft Design

Our students have a dual-approach to problem-solving rooted in analytical and creative methods. We are able to work with and share the acclaimed Vision in Product Design method and the Delft Innovation Model, and many others which can benefit your company.

Cost effective

Since our team mainly consists of students, It is a low-cost investment, low risk and low effort alternative compared to big and expensive design agencies. Also, collaborations with students at TU Delft can lead to many opportunities for European collaborations in the future.


To get an impression of the work we can do, see here the publication of FlightCase 2014 to Hong Kong.